Climbing in the Park

Another activity of great tradition in Sierra espuña is climbing that enhances a close relationship with nature. For that, it counts on wonderful spots such as the limestone walls of Paredes de Leyva which are 3 km long and between 100 and 150 m of gradient, Los Cuchillos del Bosque or the impressive La Muela plateau, 1,554 m high.

Climbing areas

Via Ferrata

Another climbing modality that can be done is via ferrata which offers the opportunity to go vertically, always safe by means of a steel cable that goes along the route and the aid of stemples holds, making climbing easier. The companies which carry out this activity within the territory are:


Casas Nuevas-Mula

Address: Centro de Deportes de Montaña. “Albergue Siula”.

Tel: 0034 635 377 884 / 0034 620 527 658



Cañon y Cañon Multiaventura


Address: Calle Tucescos, 37

Tel.: 0034 609 559 939



Molina de Segura

Address: Calle Aire, 3.

Tel.:  0034 647 605 905 – 0034 620 320 652

E-mail: moc.etarahc@sedadivitca/moc.etarahc@ofni