Golden Eagle Hide.

Come to Sierra Espuña and watch one of the most impressive birds of pray in Europe.
This hide for watching the Golden Eagle is available all year round and offers the opportunity to take amazing pictures of this bird from the breathtaking sceneries of Sierra Espuña.
In this protected area, there is a controlled population of Barbary Sheep thanks to the management of hunting licences. The golden eagles come to feed on their remains, once they have been left in the countryside.
A spying window in the hide will enable you to take pictures of birds wheeling above the feeding point before landing. The size of the hide is suitable for two photographers. There are two windows allowing for panoramic views of the area.

Crossbill Birthbath Hide

An incredible spot to take pictures of passerines from the Mediterranean mountains.

This hide is opposite a birdbath placed in an abandoned orange orchard in Sierra Espuña Regional Park. It attracts a wide range of birds, such as the crossbill, the rock bunting, the true thrush, the Eurasian jay, the common blackbird, the European serin, and so on. Moreover, the birthbath allows you to take photos in which the reflection of birds above the water appears. The infrastructure has been designed bearing in mind the background, the light, the perch, etc.

This hide is provided with a high-quality window with room for two people. It is comfortable and oriented for morning sessions.

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