If you are willing to discover a fascinating place and be surprised about all that it can offer; no doubt you are at the right one. Comprising six inland municipalities of the Region of Murcia and crowned by the most emblematic natural park of the Region, in TERRITORIO SIERRA ESPUÑA, you will find an incomparable natural and cultural heritage. Covering a total of 1,313.6 km2, you will enjoy a wide range of sceneries; from steppes and lunar landscapes to Mediterranean forests, wetlands and reservoirs. With regards to its people, diversity is also quite significant with deep-rooted customs and traditions.

The population of the whole area is 70,000 inhabitants distributed among the six municipalities, its districts and hamlets; therefore the population density stands at only  70 inhabitants/km2.

Such municipalities are: Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Librilla, Pliego, Mula and Totana. Six beautiful places steeped in history with great heritage, both tangible and intangible. 

Sierra Espuña Regional Park is the most important landmark of the Region; a mountain range located right in the middle of the territory which reaches 1,583 metres at its highest peak: Morrón de Espuña.