The gastronomy in Sierra Espuña is simple, however its modest ingredients, wisely combined, will delight the most demanding diners. Varied and with natural and high quality ingredients, its defining feauture is taste, a mixture of orchard, game meat, fruit, oil, flour, and so on. Speaking about tradictional food here is referring to domestic and Mediterranean diet, closely related to seasonal cycles and festivities, as well as the raw materials of the area.

Stews are no doubt the kings of the kitchen, with meatballs, cod, fennel, thistle, chard, etc., as well as rice with escargots and rabbit. In winter, pigs´ trotters in sauce, roast onion and meatball stew are very common, as well as olla gitana (gypsy stew) with green beans, chickpeas, stalk, and olla fresca (fresh stew) made with pork products.

Along with the spring and easter, gastronomy get filled with all kinds of fish, salting food and vegetables. Dishes such as pimpirrana con tomate -which is a traditional salad basically made with tomato, onion, cucumber and green pepper-, cod cooked using all different techniques, vegetable stew, stew with rice, beans and fennel, and the wheat stew. On the other hand, summer dishes are lighter; salads, gazpachos -fresh vegetables soups- and orchard products.

Pastry is essential and always made with natrural products. Ancient dishes like arrope -grape syrup-, aguamiel -agave nectar-, sweet quince, fig bread, tortas de pascua -easter cakes- or tortas de chicharrones -pork rind cakes-.